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Green energy is the future for our planet.

Understanding how wind and photovoltaic energy works will convince even skeptics that its development is crucial to the world.


Stages of project development

We focus on quality
and efficient process.


Finding the right location

We analyse the possibility of location of RES plants in terms of environmental conditions (outside protected areas), spatial conditions (distance from inhabited areas), natural conditions, environmental and societal impacts and other factors that may affect the development and the operation of the project. We also pay attention to, i.a., economic aspects – the price of land, geological and engineering conditions, condition of the existing road infrastructure, as well as the possibilities and costs of connection to the power grid.


Obtaining a positive opinion from local authorities and residents

We cooperate with authorities and residents by conducting information meetings and public consultations. We explain the operation of the project and its benefits for local communities.


Protection of land

We agree on operational conditions with lessees and carry out legal and administrative operations in compliance with all regulations for professional securing of land lease agreements for construction of RES plants.


Environmental analyses

We conduct the necessary nature and landscape analyses and measurements to assess the impact of the project on people, fauna, and other natural resources.


Technical analyses

We manage the permitting process. We conduct wind or sunlight measurements for the area intended for the project. We carry other analyses as required such as geotechnical, archeological, noise, etc.


Obtaining grid connection conditions

To obtain agreements from the local or national distribution network operator is one of the most important steps in project development. We closely work with electric and grid experts to optimize technical and economical grid connection conditions.


Preparation of technical designs, obtention of all permits and authorizations required to commence construction

The design phase is critical for the success of the construction and operation of the project. We cooperate only with best industry designers and best industry equipment manufacturers. Critical review and optimization of each design step is key to success. We focus on quality!


Project implementation

We and our affiliate secure bank financing for the project. We organize tender for construction and we supervise the construction phase.


Operation and supervision of operating assets.

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