Wind and sun
- energy from nature

Wind power and sunlight are renewable, inexhaustible forces of nature. They have been used for years by people to determine the time, process agricultural crops, and travel across seas and oceans. Currently, they are becoming one of the most efficient sources of energy to power industrial development and meet household needs.

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Operating on the Polish market since 2007, we have created an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects. Owing to the experience and top professionals, we maintain the highest quality standards.

Energy that will power future generations

The use of renewable energy sources ensures the preservation of environmental values for future generations. Clean energy for a better future.

Zjedź niżej

Green Bear Corporation is one of the leaders on the wind and photovoltaic energy market.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant concentration of operations on the market of renewable energy sources. The unmet market capacity is starting to be strongly verified by qualitative and financial factors of projects. Due to the need for adaptation to market and legislative conditions, projects developed by Green Bear use the latest technical configurations supported by many hours of analysis. This forward-looking approach allows us to maintain an extremely high level of design framework, which is still relevant as the years go by, therefore we supervise the construction of wind farms and photovoltaic farms at all development stages – from the search for suitable land, through tests and administrative permits, to the erection of the farm.

The use of green energy is not only of local, but also of supra-regional significance.

Project development provides benefits to the local community and local governments, which are direct beneficiaries of the implementation of such projects and their continued use. They allow large funds to be directed towards small towns, generating new jobs, an additional incentive to development of small industry and entrepreneurship, but also attract more larger investors who are increasingly noting the green balance of electricity used or the possibility of direct use of the connection to a renewable energy source. The operation of wind and photovoltaic farms guarantees energy security for the entire region through the generation of clean energy, and reduces the use of conventional energy and the emission of pollutants generated thereby into the atmosphere.

Regional development

Wind and photovoltaic energy means development for the region because it generates profits for the local community. In areas where wind or photovoltaic farms were built, there is a visible increase in the wealth of the residents. The sources of additional income for the municipal budget are taxes on projects, CIT and PIT, and for the residents – lease fees.

CO2 reduction

Wind and photovoltaic farms are a clean sources of energy, do not pollute the environment and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions – one wind farm consisting of 20 turbines reduces the carbon dioxide emissions produced by 27,000 cars within one year.

Local communities

There are also new projects being implemented in the vicinity of wind and photovoltaic farms (road repairs and construction, subsidies for schools and new sports facilities). Green Bear operates in a given municipality and tries to participate in the local community’s life by supporting local initiatives.

Environmental protection measures

The average planning period for a wind farm is 5 to 7 years. During this period, in the area of the planned project, annual observations of animals, mainly birds and bats, and wind measurements are conducted and the impact of the project on the landscape is assessed, therefore the risk of negative impact practically does not exist.

We carefully implement every stage of the project, from its preparation to the delivery of energy to the grid and consumers.

Preparation and documentation

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of each potential location. We are responsible for the entire administration process, obtaining of all the required decisions. We develop the necessary technical analyses and designs.


Construction of the farm

We conduct the complete tender process, resulting in the selection of the best contractors. We provide detailed supervision of the farm construction from the beginning to the commencement of the project.


Maintenance and service

We manage the built projects while maintaining the highest operational standards. We ensure the maintenance of full efficiency of the farm by conducting continuous monitoring. We cooperate with proven and renowned suppliers of services and components.


Local benefits

We participate in the local community’s life and support numerous initiatives in the areas where our projects are implemented. We work closely with local governments and make sure that our projects bring as much benefit to the residents as possible.


Sales of energy

We assist in the selection of contractors for energy sale and distribution. We fully supervise the process of negotiations of contract terms, preparation of the necessary documentation and implementation of the subject of the agreement.


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